We're Entering a New Era of SEXXX

Hello, my lovely readers!

It’s been a while, I missed last week’s newsletter, and this one is going to be a little bit different because I am feeling a little bit different.

Or a lot different.

Or maybe just more myself, and less like the alter ego “Meaghan” I created and then niched myself into sex writing on Medium.

I am having a bit of an existential writing crisis, and trying to find a new path forward that feels more right for me, and I hope you follow along.

I do plan to write a lot more erotica - I am having way too much fun with that - but you should expect to read more about my life, my relationships, my family, parenting, mental health, a whole host of topics I’ve never gotten into that are fighting their way to get out.

I hope you’ll continue following along with me, even if things are a little less sexxxy.

With that said, here’s what you may have missed from me lately:

Aftercare is So Important in Sex

You might not expect it from me, but I NEED cuddles after sex. It’s important.

The Tale of the Big Black Dildo

Every girl needs a big black dildo, right? Here’s the story of mine.

A Quickie With a Cocktail Waitress

Girl on girl erotica for your pleasure… and it was very pleasurable to write.

5 Things I Hate About Sex

We all have our turn offs, and here are my top five.

A High School Reunion Threesome

A male / female / male erotic story…with no awkwardness between the guys ;-)

Fucking a Stranger in an Elevator

Another erotic story inspired by one of my readers - want your fantasy written? Reply to this email!

Who Will Care About My Sex Life Now?

The one in which I reevaluate everything I am doing here and try to find a path forward…I hope you come with me…

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Have a sexxxy Sunday, everyone!