SEXXY Sunday Newsletter No.3

The SATURDAY Edition!

Hello, my lovely Readers!

SEXXY Sunday is coming to your inbox a day early this week because tomorrow I will be out and about and unable to write for most of the day.

Big changes are happening in my world! My grandparents are coming to move in with us, which means that in seven days we will have 4 generations of family living under the same roof. Cool, but packed.

I am writing my heart out trying to make a living with my words and take my part-time Medium income to full-time income within the next few months so I can get out of here and back on my own again, and I can’t do it without your amazing support!

So, here are some sexy articles I wrote in the last week that you may have missed:

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And if you’re interested, here are some “family friendly” articles I’ve written lately, all of which were curated by Medium editors - you only get the best stuff in my weekly email!

You Can’t Change Your Child But You Can Change Yourself

3 Things You Should Never Say to a Special Needs Parent

I’m Not Lazy, I’m Mentally Ill

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Thanks again for reading, I hope you have a sexy day!