SEXXY Sunday Newsletter No.2

Where dreams are slowly coming true.

Hello, dear readers, Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great week, because I sure did.

Something happened to me this week that has never happened before - something that I have been dreaming of happening my whole life:

Someone reached out to me (outside of a comment section) to tell me how my work impacted them and touched them, and how it made them think more deeply about their own situation in life.

She thanked me for writing it, because reading it made her feel less alone in the world, and less embarrassed and insecure about a particular kink she was thinking of exploring.

This is how I know sex writing matters.

People have an awful lot of negative things to say about sex writers on the internet lately, but I stand by my choice to share my stories candidly and even explicitly, because clearly they are impacting some readers positively while making positive changes in myself.

I am growing more confident every day about sharing things that to some are totally taboo, but to others are a normal part of life.

Because sharing our stories matters, no matter what stories we have to share.

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Thanks again for reading, I hope you have a sexy day!