SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.9

Happy Lazy Sunday my lovely, Constant Readers!

It’s the first of December and snow is falling thick and hard outside right now but my mind is floating in a place with that hot chick in the photo above - I’m imagining myself on a warm beach with a pina colada in my hand because winter, this season, can go right to hell.

I took a day off this week on Thanksgiving so I don’t have as much smut for you as usual today, but here’s what you might have missed:

The First Time a Girl Went Down On Me

An explicit account of my first time having a girl’s gentle tongue on my lady bits.

#OnMySexualToDoList is Trending on Twitter and I’m Dead

A silly little article full of Tweets that I thought would amuse you based on the fact you all seem to love reading sexual to-do lists.

7 Rules For a Successful Threesome

A post chock full of advice for people who’ve never had a threesome, or maybe need some reminders on how to get it right.

The First Time I Kissed a Girl

And because obviously I’ve had sex with girls on the brain lately, here’s one from the archives that definitely needs more love.

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