SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.7

Good weekend to you, my lovely readers!

I have been hard at work this week on and off Medium to bring you new content and it’s been a blast because I’ve also connected with a group of other sex writers that I hope will help me get to the next level of publishing smut for your pleasure.

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Of course, I am still posting every day on Medium, and here are links to my most recent articles in case you may have missed them:

I Sold My Used Panties Online

Oh, yes I did…

Are We All Sexual Voyeurs?

I have a belief that we are all interested in other people’s sex lives.. am I right?

I Couldn’t Punch Him in the Face

There are some sexual requests that even I can’t handle…

I Just Want to Masturbate in Peace

The title may not be in all caps, but I’m still yelling!

The First Time We Used a Remote Controlled Vibrator

…and one from the archives, a really, REALLY sex tale of being turned on in public against my will. You don’t want to miss this one!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my stories and support my writing journey. It’s people like you who are helping make all my dreams come true as I work toward earning enough to make a living writing.

YOU are the best!

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