SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.5

Hello again, my lovely Constant Readers!

If I’m in your inbox, it must be Sexxxy Sunday, but a lot has been going on in my life behind the scenes that has been decidedly less than sexy lately.

My grandparents have moved into our house, which is putting a real damper on my writing time and sexual energy, if I’m to be honest.

Let’s just say it’s hard to masturbate as much as I used to with this many people in the house, so I’m making good use of my shower and bathroom time lately…but very, very quietly.

Being sneaky about jilling off can actually be a huge turn on for me; it makes me feel so naughty to do it when there could be so many people in the house that could hear me.

And if you know me, you know I love being naughty.

With that said, some of my readers have been very naughty, too - but not in a way that I like.

As much as I write about my sexual exploits, remember I’m writing them under a pen name to protect my identity and to create a sort of barrier between my sex writing and the rest of my life, and for some people that line gets blurred.

I wrote something this week that may piss off and alienate a few of my readers, but it’s something I felt the need to write on behalf of all of my fellow sex writers on Medium:

If I Write About Sex Does That Make Me a Sex Worker?

But of course, my other stories are sexy and smutty, and all about worshipping a man’s whole package that he has to offer me:

The First Time I Gave a Blowjob

This is a rather erotic story of my first time sucking cock, and how much I loved it.

Let’s Play With Balls During Sex

And this is my ode to testicles and how delicious it is to suck and lick them as part of a perfect blowjob.

The Bedroom Kings

And finally, a poem about the kind of men I like in general…

I also write a lot that’s NOT about sex - so feel free to stop reading here if that’s all you’re into.

I wrote a post yesterday about how people shouldn’t feel entitled to anything when it comes to Medium, and it’s gotten a lot of attention:

Medium Doesn’t Owe You Anything

It’s Okay To Mourn The Child You Didn’t Get

This is a very personal and hard piece I wrote about parenting a child with disabilities.

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Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my stories and support my writing journey. It’s people like you who are helping make all my dreams come true as I work toward earning enough to make a living writing.

YOU are the best!

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