SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.39

The "I was too busy getting laid yesterday" Edition

Hello, my lovely, Constant Readers!

I slacked off and didn’t write anything yesterday so that I could spend the day with my partner and I think that was an excellent choice.

Writing about sex as much as I do, I need to have some once in a while to stay inspired, and long distance relationships are hard so I’ll take it whenever and wherever I can get it.

In other news, I have been having a BLAST writing erotica each week, and you all seem to like it as well, so if you have any suggestions or story ideas for me just respond to this email and I’ll see what I can do!

Without further blathering, here’s what you may have missed from me this week:

I Crowdfunded Myself a Thrusting Vibrator

With a little help from my friends and generous Ko-fi donations, I successfully funded a thrusting vibrator, and here’s the story of how much I enjoy my new toy. Thanks, friends!

How to Fuck in This Insidious Heat

Some tips on how to keep it cool in (and out) of the bedroom this summer.

How to Be a Sex Writer on Medium

After two people asked me specific questions about how I got started here, I wrote a post explaining it all.

Fucking an Escort in Vegas

My newest erotica piece on Medium - written from the male’s perspective!

On the Hunt For a Big Black Dildo

Finding the perfect dildo for me was quite a journey, but I’ve almost reached my destination.

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Have a sexxxy week, everyone!