SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.38

The 'I Think It's Tuesday' Edition

Hello again, my lovely readers!

I went on vacation this weekend and got quite a bit discombobulated.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know why ;-)

But, I scheduled posts for your reading pleasure while I was away and hope you enjoyed reading them this weekend as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I’ve especially been enjoying writing fiction lately, and plan on doing so every Friday from now on, if not even more often, because I find it so fun to write.

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Here’s the best of what you may have missed lately:

How I Want to Watch You Jerk Off

A very detailed story of how I want to see you do this…

My Top 5 Favorite Things to Do In Bed

Ranked for your pleasure!

Watching My Wife Get Fucked

An erotic tale of cuckolding…

Sex Should Be a Visual Experience

Or, how I love watching you watch me…

My First Sexual Sensory Deprivation Experience

Why I highly recommend using a blindfold in bed sometime.

How to Invest in Your Sex Life

What to do to spice up your home and life…and bed…

The Morning Fuck

If I were to wake up next to you, this is what I would do to you…

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Have a sexxxy week, everyone!