SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.33

Hello, my lovely readers!

I’m in your inbox, so it must be Sunday again. These weeks have been passing so slowly in this lockdown.

I miss seeing my friends, I miss being able to go to restaurants and to get my hair done (first world problems, I know, but we all have our feelings).

I have been filling my time with lots and lots of masturbation this month, as it is National Masturbation Month, after all, so I’ve been writing a lot about that lately, as touching myself is constantly on my mind.

Here’s what you might have missed from me this week:

4 Things I Wish I’d Learned in Sex Ed

I feel like I was cheated out of a good sexual education, and I bet you were, too…

Why I Won’t Rate Your Dick

By which merits would you like me to judge you, hmmm?

Please, Cum on My Tits

There’s nothing better than hot cum spilling inside me, but this might come close…

Why You Should Have Sex Before Marriage

My thoughts on a potentially controversial subject…

My First Time With a Magic Wand

Yes, the Magic Wand vibrator deserved it’s own article, because the orgasm it gave me was LEGENDARY.

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Have a sexxxy Sunday, everyone!