SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.32

Hello, my lovely, Constant Readers!

I want to give a shout out to the awesome yet mostly anonymous readers who have bought me Ko-fi’s lately!

I reached my goal to buy a new, high end vibrator so I will have a blast shopping (online, unfortunately - I’m not the only one who misses sex toy shops, right?) thanks to my awesome supporters!

My next goal for Ko-Fi is a little more specific: a high end THRUSTING vibrator.

Yeah, those exist, and I think I need one.

I’m going to need a bigger toy box, methinks.

In case you missed anything, here’s what I wrote on Medium this week:

A Serious Conversation About Semen

My private, and very serious thoughts about your spunk.

No, Watching Porn is Not Cheating

In case anyone has told you otherwise and you need to unlearn it…

Pull My Hair and Smack My Ass

A personal story about some things I like done to me in bed.

How I Masturbate When I Have No Privacy

This is how I’m navigating Masturbation Month with a door that doesn’t lock.

There’s Something Hotter Than Being Naked

Men, take note before you send your dick pics…

Your Cum Belongs Inside of Me

A dirty little story about what I want right now…

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