SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.31

Another Monday Edition...

Hello, my amazing readers!

How have you been? How is Masturbation Month going for you?

Although it (surprisingly) has been a bit of a struggle some days, I’ve managed to jill off at least once a day every day so far this month and I hope to have a whopper of a post for you come June 1st about how it all went down.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy writing too, and I’ve enjoyed some of the back and forth between readers in email who have given me great ideas to write about.

If you ever have any questions or want advice from me, feel free to respond to this email and enter my inbox and I’ll do my best to satisfy your needs ;-) Just remember, you may end up in a Medium post!

Since I didn’t send out a newsletter last week, here’s my pick of the best pieces I’ve written lately in case you missed them:

Chair Sex is Great Sex

On why you should get it on in a chair, or on a couch, or a sofa, or somewhere that isn’t a bed.

I Want You to Dominate Me

A graphic description of how I want to be dominated in bed.

The Punishment Fuck

On that rough sex you want that makes you feel like you did something wrong.

On Fucking Vs. Making Love

There’s a big difference to me, and here’s where I explain it.

Dear Men: Your Pubic Hair is NOT a Problem

Some women don’t like manscaping….I am definitely one of them. Here’s my case for going natural, guys.

Let’s Talk About Balls…

On the mysterious testicles and everything I want to do with them.

Why I Want to Try Pegging

It’s a fantasy for me… and a lot of guys too, apparently.

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Have a sexxxy Monday, everyone!