SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.30

The Masturbation Month Edition

Happy Sunday, my lovely readers!

Did you know that May is Masturbation Month? I don’t know who comes up with these things, but frankly I don’t care because this is definitely one I can get on board with.

I don’t know about you, but it’s totally my intention to masturbate every day in the month of May, and I hope I learn some things from this experience - I will keep you all updated!

Why don’t you stick your hand in your pants and pick one of my stories to read on this lazy Sunday… maybe you won’t be feeling so lazy after that ;-)

Here’s what you may have missed this week:

Do You Really Need Lingerie?

My case for keeping it casual for your partner.

How My Sex Life Has Changed

Here’s where I get a little introspective about how my sex life has changed as I’ve gotten older.

A Story About Facefucking

Getting fucked in the mouth is a whole lot different than giving a blow job…

Hey, Men: Show Us Your Package

My plea to the men of the world to wear tight boxer briefs that show me what you’re packing.

On The Hotness of Male Masturbation

I just can’t get enough of watching guys jerk off…

How I’ll Celebrate Masturbation Month

My Masturbation May kickoff post where I state my intentions for intentional masturbation.

That One Sex Thing I Did For Money

You’re just going to have to read this one to find out what I did…

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Have a sexxxy Sunday, everyone!