SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.27

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Here’s what you may have missed from me this week:

Take the Damn Body Compliments

This is one for the ladies, curated in Beauty, Relationships, and Self, in which I talk about why you should listen and take to heart the compliments you receive.

I’ll Probably Never Give a Great Hand Job

In which I lament my apparent lack of hand job skills - but I really appreciate all the encouragement I’ve gotten to keep trying!

You Can Keep Your Safe Word Sexy

How to pick a good safe word for the bedroom that doesn’t have to kill the mood.

5 Things to Do With Used Panties

I could probably think of a few more if I tried, but here’s how to have some naughty fun…

Don’t Worry About Your “O” Face

Your partner doesn’t care what you look like when you cum, they just want to see you happy.

Why I Won’t Have Sex With an Ex

My reasons for avoiding “Ex Sex” even though once I didn’t take my own advice.

Can You Transform a Terrible Kisser?

A reader asked me for some advice on what to do when your partner is a terrible kisser, so here, I do my best…

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