SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.21

Yeah, it's another Monday edition.

Hello my lovely, Constant Readers!

Yeah, it’s another “Monday Edition” of the newsletter because I was very busy yesterday and didn’t get to it.

But never fear, I have the best content you may have missed in the links below - please consider giving them a read if one tickles your pickle:

I Once Swore Off Sex For a Year

And I learned a whole lot in that time with my legs closed…

How to Send and Receive Nude Photos With Class

I’m pretty obsessed with sending nude photos to my partner, so here are my tips on how to do it without being (too) raunchy.

How I Choose and Use a Vibrator

Yes, I really do tell you how I use my vibrator in this one.

What To Do With a Premature Ejaculator

Be cool, and have fun!

3 Tips For Better Solo Sex

How to spice up your personal masturbation style, and why you should.

Mirror, Mirror On the Vulva

Why all women, young and old, should be inspecting their lady bits regularly.

Why Penis Size Doesn’t Really Matter

It’s all about what you do with with your lover in bed.

I Am Kissing You Today

If you were wondering why I was so busy yesterday, I had to go see about a boy.

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