SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.20

Hello, my Lovely Constant Readers!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, and I apologize for that. There was a lot of sickness in the family last week that had me ill and distracted, but I’m back to work in full swing writing some of the sexy smut you all love and some of the more educational stuff you might want or need.

At any rate, I try to vary my pieces of writing to cater to both my male and female readers, so I hope you are all getting a little bit of what you want and need when I come to your inbox on Sundays.

I had A LOT of content this week, so I’m only going to share the best of the best with you in case you missed them:

4 Places to Play With Exhibitionism

Here I give you four of the most basic and safe places to have sex in public.

No Woman is a Slut For Liking Sex

If you’re worried about MY sex life, you need to start taking a look at your own…

4 Reasons to Have Sex When You Don’t Want To

Sometimes it’s worth it to fake it til you make it…

How to Get Started at BDSM

A simple, quick and dirty guide to the basics.

Put Your Dick Between My Tits

My strange little story about titty fucking.

Why I Leave the Lights on During Sex

Because it makes things hotter, for one…

How I Ride Cowgirl Like a Pro

An ode to my favorite sexual position…

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Have a sexxxy Sunday, everyone!