SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.17

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Now, here’s what I’ve written this week that you may have missed:

3 Reasons Masturbation Isn’t Just for One

Have you tried mutual masturbation? If not, this article will tell you why it’s such a great way to strengthen your relationship.

The Lost Art of Giving a Handjob

An ode to handjobs, and how to give a great one!

Why I Love Angry, Make-Up Sex

It’s not like I like getting into fights with my partners, but sometimes a little tiff is worth it for some great make-up sex, amiright?

My Sexual Bucket List…Part 2

Five more things I’d like to do in bed before I kick it…

5 Ways to Be Low-Key Kinky in Public

Curated in Sexuality, this post outlines a few ways you can get kinky and sexy with (or without) your partner in public.

What Does Your Masochism Feel Like?

Not all pain is the same, and not all masochists like the same pain. What kind are you?

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