SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.16

...the Monday Edition...

Good afternoon my lovely readers!

So, it’s Monday, which means I was a little too distracted for the SEXXXY Sunday newsletter yesterday, but that’s okay, because this week I have a wide variety of content for you.

Some things for the ladies, something deep, and OF COURSE something downright sexy.

Here’s what you may have missed from me this week:

The Best Sex of My Life Wasn’t With Someone I Loved

In which I ponder whether the best sex of my life is actually yet to come…

Who Cares About Your Number of Sexual Partners?

My take on the numbers conundrum, and how I think you should get past your insecurities over it.

The First Time I Got Fingered

Another one of my sexxxy “first time” stories. I thought I was running out of these to tell, but I have some in me, yet!

Why I Love Giving Blowjobs

My ode to giving a good BJ and why I love them so, so much.

How to Enjoy Oral Sex if You Hate It

Ladies, this is how you let go and embrace the beauty that is cunnilingus, in my oh so humble opinion.

Don’t Be Sad if You Can’t Squirt

Another one for the ladies - these are my thoughts on the elusive squirting endeavor.

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Have a sexxxy Monday, everyone!