SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.13

The Monday Edition

Hello, my lovely, sexy, Constant Readers!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week!

I hope you all had a great holiday if you celebrate that kind of thing, and hope the New Year this week brings you much joy, happiness, and positive change in your lives!

Here’s a roundup of everything I wrote last week just in case you missed something:

The First Time I Had Sex in a Car

Another one of my famous “first time” stories for your reading pleasure!

Why You Should Write Erotica For Your Partner

After I recently started writing erotica specifically with my partner in mind, I thought of all the benefits of doing so and thought I had to share.

Nipples Are For Playing With

An ode to nipples, and everything you should do with them, and why.

What To Do if He Thinks You’re Faking Orgasms

This is the response I wrote to my first mailbag question I received this week.

How to Get Over Yourself and Feel Sexy Again

A little bit about what you can do when you aren’t feeling sexy but it’s time for sexy time again.

The First Time I Gave a Blowjob

And one from the archives! A sexy story about another one of my first times…

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Have a sexxxy day, and a wonderful New Year, everyone!