SEXXXY Sunday Newsletter No.10

Hello my lovely, Constant Readers!

How are you all doing this sexxxy Sunday?

I’ve been plugging away at new stories for you and hope to be writing more about my “real life” soon, and when I do I’ll set up a ‘family friendly’ newsletter so you can subscribe to those posts if you want to - or not!

For now, I’m keeping this newsletter sizzling for your pleasure (and sexual education, of course), so without further ado, here’s what I’ve written since we last talked:

So, I Guess I’m Bisexual But Still in the Closet

A very personal story about my thoughts on coming out to people in my ‘real life’ as being bisexual.

The First Time I Went Skinny Dipping

Another titillating first time tale that involves another girl’s perfect tits in addition to my first time baring it all in the water.

How to Enjoy a Sex Toy Shop

A fun, educational post on how you can have a great time at a sex shop - because sex shops are NOT sleazy!

Why Sexting is So Sexy

And of course, one from the archives that you might have missed!

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Have a sexxxy day, everyone!