SEXXXINESS Coming Your Way...

On a Thursday! Woot woot!

Hello, my lovely readers!

Well, it’s been two months and I finally forgot to send a newsletter - that was yesterday, but today I’m back with some SEXXXY stories for you, as well as some talk on boundaries and body issues.

Let’s get to ‘em!

The Time I Had Sex on a Train

This was one of the naughtiest things I’ve ever done in my life, and downright illegal! But read on to see why it was so. much. fun!

Falling in Love With My Breasts Again

Here’s my most recent piece in Sexography on loving my breasts even as I age and they change.

Sex on the Beach is So Overrated

A funny, yet cautionary tale…

Greed and Sex Don’t Go Together

A story of why entitlement doesn’t belong in the bedroom, and how to get around it.

Sex in a Cemetery is Dead Sexy

I can’t help myself, I’m an exhibitionist… and I like doing it in naughty places!

‘Okay’ Sex is Not an Option

And, one from the archives about how I won’t take anything less than the best sex when I’m dating… and neither should you!

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