Oh, Hey, It's SEXXXY Wednesday!

Hello, my lovely readers!

I can’t believe it’s Hump Day already - my favorite day of the week!

Here are the latest SEXXXY stories I’ve published for you on Medium - I am sharing “friend links” so you can read them even if you aren’t a Medium member, and also, if you want to share this email with someone who might like it, they can read my articles, too.

People Break Up With Me Because My Sex Drive is Too High

A sad story about how it’s hard for me to find the right match for a relationship when it comes to jiving libidos… mine, apparently, is quite too high!

That One Time I Got Fisted

Well, the title pretty much speaks for itself, but this is my take on the whole Fisting phenomenon.

Why I Like Being Choked During Sex

and, for a little extra, here’s an oldie but goodie from my archives:

I Really Want to Try a Strap On Dildo

A story of my desire to penetrate a woman during sex… it’s a good one :-)

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