Let's Get SEXXXY This December

Hello, my lovely Constant Readers!

I haven’t completely turned my back on you, I’m still giving you things to read every now and then that you might enjoy, like a little bit of erotica on Medium:

A Tryst in a Train Car

And of course, this morning I just published December’s story for my Patrons and if you sign up now you will unlock four of my short stories for only $5/mo. That’s 20,000+ words of my best erotica just waiting for you out there!

Christmas is coming!

And I have the perfect gift for your loved one - a personalized erotic short story that will guarantee to please you and your partner.

Here’s one of my client’s testimonials:

“My boyfriend and I have been reading Meaghan’s columns and stories for months and she has clearly become our favorite. When she posted she was going to be doing commissions for erotica, I thought it would be a great little surprise for my boyfriend and I was the first to sign up. She took 5 of our fantasies and rolled them into one hot story. It was so good I commissioned a second story and it was even hotter. Thank you Meaghan for two incredible stories that we will enjoy for quite a while.”

When clients are coming back for more (and she wasn’t the only repeater!) you know it’s good stuff. 😉

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