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Hello, my sexxxy readers!

I’ve been feeling extra sexy lately and my writing in the past few days has been a little more explicit than usual, so I didn’t think you’d mind me popping into your inbox to share!

Sometimes I Just Need Tender Sex

As I say in the article, there are times for fucking, and there are times for making love. This is an ode to that tender, gentle sex you have with someone you have a deep connection with.

How to Deal With Farts During Sex

A silly (but informative!) piece in the bad influence, and the title speaks for itself.

Sneaky Affair Sex Was Great Sex

This post is chock full of my favorite kinds of sneaky sex I had during my affair. Sometimes bad things can be very, very good.

I Took His Virginity, and Then I Took the Morning After Pill

I knew after one sexual encounter that I didn’t want to be chained to this person for life, so thankfully I had options.

The Case For Dry Humping

And one from the archives of Sexography - not all make out sessions have to lead to sex, sometimes a little friction is all you need to get off!

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