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Hello, lovers. 💚

I have an eclectic mix of articles for you this week, but first I want to tell you something.

I LOVE writing on Medium, but even more, I LOVE to write hot erotica that is personalized just for you.

Last month I wrote a 20K word novella for a client and I think I wrecked him for all the other erotica writers out there.

Last week I wrote a smaller commission that a husband and wife are enjoying together.

This week I want to write something for you.

When we work together, we will email and chat back and forth until we are both certain that I understand your needs and desires, then I will craft a perfectly hot story to your chosen length and deliver it promptly.

If you want to learn more, you can head over to my website to read some writing samples, testimonials from my previous clients, and other details on how to work with me, including how to get started!

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Now, here are the free goods for you!

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The Sohimi Clit Sucker That Actually Could

I write about the first clit sucking toy that actually got me off - again and again and again and again…

The Scientific Reason I Keep Getting Dick Pics

I write about why I believe men throw their dicks in my inbox… and why they definitely shouldn’t.

Sleepy Sex: On Fucking First Thing in the Morning

Something I used to loathe turned into something I absolutely love…

When Sex Sucks With the One You Love

I get a little deep here and talk about what happens when the sex isn’t so great…

“Me Too” - But No, Thanks.

Wherein I go even deeper about the time I was almost/kinda sexually assaulted - and why I didn’t report it.

Confessions of a Curious Cum Slut

Where I talk about my fantasies of having cum sprayed all over my face. Heh.

My Best Friend Stole My Fuck Buddy

Maybe don’t leave your fuck buddies alone with your friends like I did…

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Treat Yo’self!

Last month I worked with a great toy company called Adam & Eve to review their G-Gasm rabbit, which was amazing and is definitely one of my top new favorite toys.

Click here to read the review if you’d like, or you can skip right over to Adam & Eve and get 50% off almost any 1 adult item & FREE US/CAN shipping by using offer code MEGWARD at this link: Only.)

YOU get a great deal, and I’ll get a small commission if you purchase. 🙂

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