I Might Have Covid, But I'm Still Here!

Hello, my lovely, Constant Readers.

If you’ve been following along with me on Twitter, you know I’ve been having quite the bad week.

My grandfather passed away, and then we found out that my whole family is positive for Covid-19… Oh, joy.

The good news is, the family is doing well, and I’m doing as well as I can under the circumstances.

I have six days left in quarantine, and all the time in the world to be writing.

(Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

Here’s what Jonathan said about his recent commission:

Wow! Everything I asked for and more! I love reading, and erotica has always been something I enjoy, but Meg takes it to a whole new level by making your personal fantasies come to life on the page.  I will definitely be coming back for more!

I’m excited to get back to work and bring YOUR fantasy to life, so if you want to work with me, head over to my Ko-fi page to get started:


Not ready for that kind of commitment with me?

I happen to have a Patreon page where I post one 5,000 word story a month for $5!

If you sign up now, you’ll get access to September and October’s stories, and the next will be delivered on November 1 😉

I haven’t really written anything new on Medium lately, but here are some recent favorites you may have missed:

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Thank you to all of you who have reached out on Twitter or email to see I’m okay lately - I really appreciate knowing that you’re thinking of me. 💚

Have a SEXXXY Thursday, everyone!

XOXO - Meaghan