Get In Bed With Meaghan...Volume 1

You won't believe what I've been up to!

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I have been so busy with work on commissions lately that I don’t really have anything new on Medium to share, but I thought I’d share some oldies but goodies for you this week:

Hold Me Down While I Suck Your Cock

A story about why some women (ME) love being held down while they’re giving BJs.

How to Up Your Oral Sex Game

A few quick tips on how to better please your woman when you go downtown.

Fucking in the Dark

A short, erotic tale of two strangers getting it on…

How to Fuck in This Insidious Heat

Have you noticed it’s hot AF outside? Here’s how to get it on without passing out…

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Reading Meaghan's story put me in an indescribable place of bliss. Her personalized erotica literally places you into the moment, as it’s happening in reality, creating a rush of excitement and pleasure. This story turns me on to the point where porn isn't even necessary anymore, it's simply heaven.

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Hey, everyone, I published a book!

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