Do you miss my SEXXX?

Hello, my dear old friends ;-)

I suppose I can’t call you all my “Constant Readers” anymore because I haven’t been giving you anything to read consistently on Medium or my website lately, but I thought I’d pop into your inbox to let you know what I’ve been up to.

I’m on a Podcast!

Have you ever had the urge to hear my voice? Now is your chance.

I was on the incredible sex writer Holly Bradshaw’s podcast last week, and I promise that having a listen will give you a laugh.

I talk about my night with a micropenis, why I rock my bush, the strangest requests I’ve gotten for my erotica commissions, and how I fell in love on Twitter.

I only sort of sound like a maniac.

You can listen here on Buzzsprout, or here on Spotify, and on Apple Podcasts!

I’m Still Writing for Patrons!

I am still posting a new 5,000 word erotic story on the first of the month for my Patrons, and things over there are HOT AND KINKY.

Click the image below to join my Patreon account now to automatically unlock 5 smutty stories and get ready for the one that will drop in a few days - there will be LOTS of lesbian action for February’s story.

I want to write for YOU!

Still, nothing gives me more joy than writing for my clients, and I would love for you to be next.

Do you want to take your deepest, darkest fantasy and turn it into a story that you can keep forever, or gift your lover a bit of erotica that’s sure to spice things up?

Well, I’m no longer doing commissions through Ko-Fi, but if you go to my website you can learn more about working with me, read writing samples, and glowing testimonials of my work.

Click below to learn more or get started:

Thank you so much for letting me into your inbox to spice up your sex life - the pleasure’s all ours. 😉

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Have a sexxxy Tuesday, everyone!